Mina Acraman


Mina Acraman has pastored Hastings Assembly of God with her husband, Dennis, for 23 years in a “Priscilla and Aquila” leadership style. She has held a credential with A/G NZ for 17 years and has 35 years of ministry experience in the Movement at local church, regional and national levels, including a church plant. She has been a pioneer and leader in a number of initiatives including A/G NZ women’s ministry.

In 2011 she was elected to the national executive of the A/G NZ and oversees various regions within the Movement. Mina is also well-connected to many key leaders outside of A/G NZ.

The gift on Mina’s life has taken her to many nations, with an effective ministry amongst indigenous peoples.

Mina has a strong preaching and exhortative gift, ministering from life-tested perspectives, encouraging both men and women. She passionately believes that people can “rise and become who God has uniquely created them to be”; that each person has a destiny that is revealed through faith and courage; and that indigenous perspectives can be a significant part of that divine positioning.

Aside from a great love for God and for people, her happy place is spending fun time with her whanau.