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Denise and Kevin have been ministering full time with Four Corners Ministries since 1989. Since then they have lived by faith under the covering of Eden Assemblies of God and are credentialed Assemblies Independent Missionaries.

Denise has an MPH in Urban Missions a Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Bachelor in Nursing. She worked as a Nurse Educator and Kevin as a Management Consultant. In 2015 they celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. Their son Paul and his wife Kim Eang have two children and their daughter Rachel and her husband Aaron have three children. They all share their vision to empower and equip nations.

God spoke to Denise and Kevin in 1989 for her to travel first to Myanmar then to the four corners of the earth. After a battle with cancer Denise began travelling to Cuba in 1991. Since then they have ministered in Russia, Spain, Morocco, Britain, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Venezuela and Tonga. Recently Denise began traveling to Uganda to assist Vision Bible College Soroti through teaching and by initiating projects to make them self supporting.


Four Corners Ministry serves through itinerant ministry in South Eastern/South East Asia.

The ministry functions to:

  • motivate US and NZ believers to short term missions.
  • release people to bring Holy Spirit breakthrough and the supernatural
  • empower nationals to be self-supporting through micro enterprise.
  • disciple and empower nationals into effective evangelism
  • strengthen believers & churches in restricted access nations.
  • extending Gods Kingdom by reaching the lost
  • raise awareness to empower and support orphans and widows.
  • empower and release oppressed women.

Denise a gifted teacher and skilled leader takes teams into restricted nations where empowerment breakthrough conferences are held annually reaching thousands of people.

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P O Box 48183 Blockhouse Bay Auckland 0600

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Eden A/G, Auckland