Simon & Anna Newman

Asia Phillipines

Personal Profile

We are from Levin, and have been living in Manila for the past 3 years. Together we have developed projects that help families to find practical ways out of poverty. We have been married since April 2012 and spent most of married life out in the field. Simon is a Baker by trade and has used his skills to help many youth here in Manila. Before getting married Anna was living in India for a couple of years doing mission work.

We live amongst the people we are trying to help. We have a strong desire to see families come out of not only physical poverty but also spiritual poverty. We are just a typical young kiwi couple who have committed our lives into Gods hands and want to make His name known amongst the nations!


Faith without deeds is dead!

We are working with empower mission who are a small group of kiwis working throughout Asia. Empower mission have a two winged approach to missions.

Wing one is all about empowering local churches through training, disciple making and church planting.

Wing two is all about empowering local communities by social and economic development, poverty alleviation and health care.

We run a Youth training project to provide job skills for unemployed youth as well as teaching them financial literacy, Health, Drug and alcohol awareness.

We work with struggling families, providing interest free capital, so they can start their own businesses.

We have a desire to see a discipleship network develop in our community.

We also work with children, in the informal dweller community we live in. Meeting their needs in various ways including medical, school sponsorship, feeding program and bible classes.

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Levin Life, Levin