May 20, 2020   Pastor Paul White, Men’s Ministry Facilitator, Lead Pastor, Levin Life, Levin, NZ. Taken from Empowered Magazine, Issue 1, 2020.

In Exodus 3, we read of a man named Moses going about his father in law’s business; he was working hard tending his sheep.  One day, while going about his work, he comes across a burning bush. He goes over to look at it, hears God’s voice and takes off his sandals as instructed.  The voice of instruction changes not only his […]

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TE HAERENGA 2020 – Te Timatanga

May 15, 2020   Article taken from Empowered Magazine, Issue 1, April 2020

John 1:1-2. “I Te Timatanga te Kupu, I te Atua te Kupu, ko te Atua anā te Kupu.   I te Atua anō tēnei kupu I te timatanga.”  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.”  Our annual Hui Maori was held at Whitiora and Huriharama marae, Te Tii in Te Taitokerau. The 4th such event for our Movement focused on reconnecting back to our marae, our place of meeting, learning, and inspiration. Our desire was to make a difference in our own communities, to grow […]

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The Promise of Rest

April 30, 2020   Pastor Iliafi Esera, General Superintendent A/G NZ, Senior Pastor, Faith City Church, Whanganui, NZ. Taken from Empowered Magazine, Issue 1 April 2020

In this magazine you will find a number of articles on the subject of ‘rest.’ You can talk about ‘rest’ in a fairly straightforward way. God, for example, rested on the seventh day and asked mankind to copy what he had done and to ‘remember the sabbath and keep it holy’. Rest, therefore, is part of the great processes of life. If we don’t allow our bodies to […]

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21 Days of Prayer 2019

March 6, 2018  

29th March – 19 April 2019 Please join the Assemblies of God in NZ in prayer. Guide Introduction: Fasting and prayer is one of the most powerful spiritual combinations on earth. As ministers in the Assemblies of God in NZ this is the time to seek the face of God again. We need to boldly […]

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