Joseph McAuley

Executive Member

Joseph is the Lead Pastor at St Luke’s, an Assemblies of God Church in Tauranga. Having completed a Ministry Internship Diploma with Laidlaw College, a Master’s Degree with Alphacrucis, and a Doctorate of Ministry with Fuller Theological Seminary, Joseph is a ‘pracademic’ who is committed to theology as a discipline that serves local churches, genuinely strengthening pastors and congregants in their faith journey.

Anchored in our unique heritage as a Pentecostal movement and mindful of the shifting sands of secularism, he is passionate about renewal as an ongoing work of the Spirit ever empowering pastors and churches to navigate the complexities of our contemporary culture in faithfulness to the gospel. If you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality types, Joseph is an INTJ. If Strength Finders is more your thing, his top five traits are; strategy, learner, futurist, maximiser and relator.