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Julian and Monica Hawken have been serving in China since the early 1980s. After extreme persecution, there was a famine for the Word of God, so they delivering 10,000s of Bibles to house churches in SE China. But the “courier ministry” wasn’t enough so they unofficially printed 100,000s of Christian books inside China and coordinated the distribution. As they ministered in house church networks, they received many requests to help married couples. In 1995 Marriage Ministries was registered in Hong Kong and they facilitated the translation of the “Married for Life” course into Chinese. By 1999 they had become mainland China directors. Today, there are more than 20 regions in China where the “Married for Life” course has been taught. The manuals have been officially printed in China enabling groups to be conducted in official churches as well as house churches.

The Holy Spirit gave Julian and Monica a burden to see Tibetans reached for Christ. They have been involved in launching two radio broadcasts into Tibet and printing Tibetan N.T.s, evangelistic and discipleship training materials. In the 1990s they led 15 prayer and evangelism teams to Lhasa. Many of these team members are now long-term missionaries. They printed a “Tibetan Songbook” with 10 CDs and cassette tapes. In addition, they have been training Chinese missionaries to serve in Tibet. In the 1980s there were less than 100 known believers. Now, they estimate more than 2,000 believers.

While Julian served as pastor of the Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship in eastern China from 2010-12, they developed contacts in the International Christian Fellowship network, the official Chinese church leadership, and with house church leaders.

Since Julian and Monica are now home based, they are available for ministry. God has given Julian an expository preaching ministry. They also conduct seminars on Christian marriage and love to promote mission. Annually, they travel back to visit their spiritual children, who are now leaders of house church movements, pastors of local churches, ministry leaders and missionaries to the unreached.

They have two sons, Philip and Peter, who are now living in New Zealand. In the near future, they hope to be able to spend six months of each year in their beloved China and Tibet.


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