Robert & Margaret Hunt

NZ Based Philippines


Robert and Margaret are Bible Translators who have been working with Wycliffe among the 50,000 Matigsalug people in the Province of Bukidnon since 1989. They lived there for 21 years until the translation of the New Testament was mostly finished, and then returned with friends and supporters for the dedication ceremony in July 2011 (see here). After the ceremony, the Matigsalug translators that had been trained by the Hunts said, “What use is a sword without its handle?“, meaning “We need the Old Testament as well!
Since then, due to family commitments and thanks to the internet, they have continued to work from their home in Marton with visits to Mindanao Island every second year. The Matigsalug team have now drafted the entire Old Testament, and so recently the entire team have moved to checking, reviewing, and revising in order to get all the books polished off ready for publication.
In addition to checking the team’s work for accuracy and proof-reading for slip-ups, Robert is their remote computer support help and operates their website, as well as handling the team’s finances. He’s also developed a simple smart-phone app so that the Matigsalug people near cell-towers can have the draft Bible on their phones. Robert also develops software to help other Bible translators including the popular Bible Drop Box and the Biblelator Bible translation editor.
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