Valerie Bateup

Asia NZ / Thailand


Valerie went to Thailand with a burden for the needy and vulnerable children of Thailand who were in danger of being exploited.

Since 1980, the Good News Team and Valerie have been going into Thai Buddhist schools to bring the good news of Christ to Thai children. Their vision is to reach children who have never before heard of Christ.

As the Thai Team members continue this ministry, their passion and motivation is to help all Thai children know they are of great value to God and loved by Him, for children in danger to learn how He can overcome their fears and be with them as their protector and source of blessing.


The Good News Team exists to bring the Good News of Christ to children in every area of Thailand, sharing God’s hope and providing a way for children to come to know Christ and grow in Him within their Buddhist communities.

The methods they use to do these things include outreaches into Thai schools, and then follow up through literature. Every year the Team produces a 60 page cartoon booklet, which has a variety of stories and articles introducing children to Jesus. From this booklet, children can enrol in the Team’s Bible correspondence program, with some lessons also online. There are now more than 120,000 children who have enrolled for the lessons. Each month children write to tell that they have accepted Jesus as their saviour and Lord, and many hundreds of children write to tell of how God’s word has been made real to them, and how their prayers have been answered.

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